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Ice Team

Advanced Gourmet is the sole USA importer of Ice Team 1927 Brands, owned by the Ali Group, including Cattabriga, Coldelite and Masterchef.  The Ice Team brands bring the opportunity for frozen dessert producers, and pastry chefs, to experience the widest range of production equipment available from any manufacturer in the world.  The batch freezer line includes the famous traditional Cattabriga Effe, which was invented in 1927 and still today is demanded by artisan gelato, and ice cream producers worldwide, who only want to produce the very best product possible.  The Effe was the very first batch freezer to be produced in Italy, and is considered the essential tool for the premier producer. 

The Cattabriga line also offers a traditional line of horizontal batch freezer and bain marie pasteurizers.  The Coldelite line of multifunctional batch freezers is a popular choice for serious producers, who are dedicated to producing exceptional gelato, sorbet, ice creams and select pastry products.  In addition to the multifunctional batch freezers, Coldelite is well known and respected for high quality soft serve machines.  Additionally, Ice Team offers the amazing Masterchef by Ott Freezer.  Ott Freezer, an originally Swiss brand founded in 1935 by Erwin Ott, became a landmark for quality and innovation.  Ott Freezer’s Masterchef is now part of the Ice Team brands.

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