Horizontal Batch Freezers

Preparing a Delicious, Fresh Ice Cream or Gelato has Never Been so Easy!

F Series: Horizontal Batch Freezer

The F-Series Horizontal Batch Freezer is designed to produce mouth watering ice cream in the fastest and easiest way. These Horizontal Batch Freezers are fully automatic and continuously control the consistency of the product to ensure the perfect texture and hardness. The new touch panel makes gelato / ice cream production easy and enjoyable.

Flexible to produce small and large quantities, the F-Series Horizontal Batch Freezer allows you to produce what you need, when you need it. These Ice Cream / Gelato machines are capable of producing sorbets, water ice, gelato, and low or high-fat products. All of the F-Series batch freezers fully comply with all international safety and hygiene regulations, and use cutting edge technology to guarantee top quality ice cream.

F-Series Horizontal Batch Freezer: Specifications

F-Series: Horizontal Batch Freezer Advantages

  • Superior and Patented Dasher System – The high performance components guarantee the quality of the machine.
  • Water Cooled –  The water condensed system allows for fast production of a smooth product.
  • Flexible /Adjustable Production – The F-Series Horizontal Batch Freezers allow operators to choose very low minimum production options as well as large quantities.
  • Fully Automatic & Electronic Consistency Control – Make delicious gelato & ice cream, while continuously controlling the consistency of the product.