Techfrost JOF-23 Blast Freezer

The smallest and most versatile blast freezer!

Techfrost JOF-23: Blast Freezer Advantages

The Techfrost JOF-23 Blast Freezer is the smallest and most versatile blast freezing unit for the professional kitchen, by techfrost. Great for ice cream and gelato preparation, the JOF-23 Blast Freezer can be used as both a blast chiller and as a shock freezer. This all-in-one blast freezer / blast chiller, guarantees the quality of your food products, extending shelf life and preserving moisture, color, flavor, fragrance, and natural freshness.
Whatever your space or service, the JOF-23 Blast Freezer provides the most adept product for your professional kitchen– fitting on or under any counter. The JOF-23 Blast Chiller ensures high performance shock freezing in a small space, achieving an internal temperature of -40 in just 18 minutes.

Techfrost JOF-23: Blast Freezer Advantages

  • Multiple Applications - Techfrost Blast Freezer / Blast Chillers are indispensable in all sectors of gastronomy, pastry, gelato-making and bread-making, where work time and food safety standards have an essential role.
  • Compact Design - The JOF-23 blast freezer fits in any professional kitchen, on counter-tops, under tables, or any tight space.
  • Versatile - Use the JOF-23 as both a blast /shock freezer and as a blast chiller.
  • Durable - The JOF-23 Blast Freezer is constructed of durable, easy-to-clean stainless-steel
  • Professional - UL / NSF Certified
  • Advanced - The JOF-23 Blast Freezer's indirect ventilation system prevents food dehydration and ensures an even temperature distribution.
The blast freezing process allows a faster, more ideal process for treating food products including raw and semi-cooked (Like croissants, bases for cakes, etc.) to the already cooked products. Keep even the most delicate items fresh, exactly as just prepared. The JOF-23 blast chiller-blast freezer became a new workforce for your laboratory, increasing profits and quality with rhythms of work definitely less stressful.
For many years the JOF-23 Blast Freezer has increased the value and improved the production of artisan ice cream, gelato, and cold desserts. The JOF-23 Blast Freezer / Blast Chiller puts the requirements of the gelato masters first, and is designed for being the ideal instrument, suitable for any artisan gelato or ice cream maker.

The fast blast freezing cycle guarantees the fast hardening and the perfect conservation of the ice cream / gelato consistency and texture, with concrete advantages.
The JOF-23 Blast Freezer opened new horizons and new markets to the artisan and industrial production of bread and of the brioches. Store uncooked food, or partially / integrally cooked food, while keeping the integrity and fragrance.

The JOF-23 Blast Chiller allows food to pass directly from the oven to the blast chiller for fast freezing, remaining absolutely unchanged, maintaining the natural fragrance and freshness of the fresh product.

Techfrost JOF-23: Blast Freezer Unique Features

  • The JOF-23 has four (4) cycles in standard mode: two (2) for chilling to + 37 F and two (2) for freezing to negative temperatures
  • 30-40% more energy efficient, with faster chilling times – all while preserving the freshness and fragrance of the food
  • Indirect air distribution and special airflow pattern to ensure perfect temperature uniformity
  • Smudge-resistant controller touch pad
  • Moisture preservation system
  • Easily accessible washable evaporators, waterproof fans, and removable magnetic condenser filter

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