Getting Started

In an ever-changing world, opening a business resonates with those who wish to control their own destiny. Today, more than ever, people travel the world, jumping on a plane for a far-off destination for inspiration. Our team at Advanced Gourmet regularly receives calls from clients who have travelled to Italy, and experienced gelato for the first time. Many of these clients are looking to steer their professional lives in a new direction, and what better way than opening a gelato shop right in their own hometown? Conversations begin with beautiful descriptions of their experiences, and soon lead to the big questions, and important details, surrounding such a venture.

Whether a trip to Italy ignited the passion or not, opening a gelateria in the USA is a topic of continual discussion with a wide variety of clients. Investors, franchisors, and mom-and-pop startups are looking at gelato as the next big thing. When we see the success of another Italian day-to-day favorite, Espresso, we realize that the potential for gelato is great. Not so many years ago, finding an espresso based drink in the USA was nearly impossible. Now, you can find a gourmet coffee shop on almost every corner.

An average call to our office begins by exploring the global vision for the gelato centered project, and moves into the nuts and bolts of opening a gelateria. We help our clients focus on the unique approach that they can bring to the table. From the beginning, every client has their unique vision, and no two projects are exactly alike. The versatility of gelato invites an individual flare. We help our clients develop their signature menu, and provide the opportunity for hands-on training in our professional kitchen. Our experienced chefs and professional staff lead them on an expedition to develop their vision, and provide the technical know-how that brings their project to life.

Our unique design-build program enables clients to quickly visualize their endeavor. Through the use of AutoCAD and Revit, we provide 2-D space plans showing your front and back of the house equipment layout. With 3D drawings and photorealistic renderings giving you an idea of what your finished space will look like, before construction has even begun, and video walkthroughs to help determine employee and customer traffic. Within a very short timeframe, our clients have a good feel for what their capital investment for machinery, front bar, back bar and back of house will be. In addition, our team provides hard numbers, so plans can be adjusted if need be and a real financial analysis can be made.