Ciao is a simple and attractive gelato display case. A wide variety of lengths & pan layouts give multiple options where space is a concern. Double airflow ventilation equalizes the temperature and ensures an ideal storage/display setting.

A sleek, modern, and stunning showcase.  The Ciao is perfect for gelato, ice cream, and your gourmet frozen creations.  With beautiful product visibility, and unique customization options, this display is suited for any style, and any space.

The Ciao can be personalized with branded graphics, logos, or images, and is offered in a wide variety of lengths, and pan layouts- creating multiple solutions for even the smallest footprint. Double airflow ventilation equalizes the temperature, and ensures ideal storage, and display conditions. The Ciao is offerred in a vertical or traditional curved glass top style and single or three phase versions


  •  Low Temperature

RAL Color Palette