Let’s talk display case temperatures: finding the right range for your food

Let’s talk display case temperatures: finding the right range for your food

A home refrigerator typically offers a one-size-fits-all solution for chilling foods. That single-minded approach doesn’t work for commercial refrigerated display cases. Expectations and requirements are higher in a restaurant or shop than in a simple home kitchen.

In a retail environment, different foods must be stored and displayed at different temperatures. Maintaining the right range for each food is essential. It helps keep an appealing appearance, necessary to entice shoppers to buy. It also ensures the flavor satisfies the customer once they’ve tasted it. Finally, maintaining the correct temperature ensures the safety of your food. What if your gelato, meat, cheeses or other wares spoil and sicken customers? There goes your product, reputation, and potentially a customer’s health.

Ciam temperature-controlled cases deliver comprehensive solutions for temperature-sensitive food products. From refrigerated to hot cases, these units empower you to sell more product. Each creates an eye-catching display that reliably maintains the proper temperature.

Whatever your needs, Advanced Gourmet provides the Ciam display case to suit your application. Each specialized display case is engineered to extend shelf life, minimize loss and spoilage, preserve optimal food quality, and create a beautiful appearance that entices customers to buy.

How do you know what temperature, case configuration and equipment model are best for your situation? We’ve taken the guesswork out with this helpful temperature-range guide. Determine the product you’re handling, check the chart and find out which range you need. Then, consult your Advanced Gourmet representative. We’ll connect you with the Ciam case that’s perfect for you.  

Ice Cream and Gelato - Ciam Display CaseIce Cream/Gelato
Temperature: 0°-10°F
Refrigeration Type: Ventilated Optimal
Special Notes: All equipped with heated condensation evaporation pan


Bain Marie - Ciam Display Case

Bain Marie
Temperature: 177°F+
Refrigeration Type: N/A


Raw Meat
Temperature: At or below 40°F
Refrigeration Type: Gravity Coil-optimal
Special Notes: Extra humidity needed




Bakery and Pastry - Refrigerated Ciam Display CasePastry/Bakery
Temperature: 33°-41°F
Refrigeration Type: Ventilated Optimal
Special Notes: Fully refrigerated displays have uniform temperature on all shelves


Chocolate - Ciam Display Case

Temperature: 57°-64°F
Refrigeration Type: Ventilated Optimal
Special Notes: Need low humidity control. Less than 55% humidity


Dry Hot - Ciam Display Case

Heated Dry
Temperature: 135°F+
Refrigeration Type: N/A



Seafood and Fish - Ciam Display Case

Fresh Seafood
Temperature: 30°-34°F
Refrigeration Type: Gravity Coil-optimal
Special Notes: Fish typically sit on an ice bed. Displays feature drainage system




Deli Meat and Cheese - Refrigerated Ciam Display CaseDeli Meat/Cheese
Temperature: At or below 41°F
Refrigeration Type: Ventilated-optimal
Special Notes: Extra humidity needed




Red Wine
Temperature: 58°-65°F
Refrigeration Type: Ventilated Optimal

Red Wine and White Wine - Refrigerated Ciam Display CaseWhite Wine
Temperature: 45°-52°F
Refrigeration Type: Ventilated Optimal