Advanced Gourmet proudly carries equipment for ice cream, gelato and frozen dessert production by Cattabriga, Coldelite and the Ice Team. Negative 40° Blast Freezers by Techfrost. Professional display cases for gelato and ice cream, pastry display, humidity controlled chocolate cabinets, grab and go and brilliantly designed cabinetry for any food item by Ciam. The Versa Pro 360 frozen dessert system for the professional chef.

Gelato & Ice Cream Equipment

Advanced Gourmet is the sole USA importer of Iceteam 1927 Brands, owned by the Ali Group, including Cattabriga, Coldelite & Ott-Freezer. The Iceteam brands bring the opportunity for frozen dessert producers and pastry chefs, to experience the widest range of ice cream, gelato, & dessert production equipment available in the world.


Blast Freezers / Blast Chillers

Advanced Gourmet is dedicated to bringing the most advanced products into professional kitchens within the USA. Techfrost blast freezers and blast chillers offer professional grade, quality performance, and the benefits of blast chilling and blast freezing with freezers small enough for tight kitchen spaces or large enough for full sheets / pans.


Display Cases and Cabinets

As the sole USA importer of the Ciam brand of professional display cases & cabinets. AG can meet any display need with the most technologically advanced, and beautifully designed showcases on the market. Using cutting-edge technology, our displays can fit most any space, style, or refrigeration need.


Refurbished Equipment

Explore our showroom and refurbished equipment. Good values for top quality production, display and freezing inventory. We offer warranties on ALL of our equipment and support a service staff to provide superior after sales service with parts and technicians on staff.


Advanced Gourmet Equipment & Design provides:

Commercial Gelato & Ice Cream Makers and Batch Freezers for the Production of the finest gelato, ice cream, sorbets and other fine frozen desserts

Customizable display cases for gelato, ice cream, pastry, chocolates as well as grab and go display units and other food display solutions.

Professional Design Services and buildout services

In House Professional Chef Providing Hands on Training - Learn to produce frozen desserts including ice cream, gelato, sorbets as well as novelties, cakes and associated

Consulting – Learn the essentials for opening a gelato shop, ice cream store or other frozen dessert establishment

Advanced Gourmet is the importer and distributor for Cattabriga and Ciam within the USA.

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