Bellagio is a brand new product introduced by Nomastar.

An innovative display system with unique features, that combines a cylindrical refrigerated showcase with a linear LED lighting system, to emphasize the displayed products. As well as an extra exterior LED lighting fixture beneath the product.

This additional lighting system has an elegant effect, thanks to its diffused illumination.
Bellagio is both a refrigerated showcase, and a decorative lighting fixture. It is extremely versatile, with multiple methods of installation, and the beautiful materials and colors for customization.

It can be used a table fixture, ceiling fixture, wall fixture, or work top. It can also be used a floor lamp, thanks to the elegant base support.

Bellagio has been designed to be a unique and exclusive element, with a wide range of decorative solutions for complete customization.


  •  Low Temperature
  •  Chocolate
  •  Heated-Bain Marie
  •  Bread
  •  Positive Temperature
  •  Heated-Dry
  •  Ambient
  •  Fully Refrigerated

RAL Color Palette