HotmixPro Smoke

HotmixPro Smoke - Cold Smoker

The Professional Cold Smoker for a Unique Flavor Experience!

HotmixPro Smoke: Cold Smoker Advantages

  • The HotmixPro Smoke transforms your recipes into unique creations.
  • The smoke under vacuum forces the flavor into the product, while the low temp keeps it from cooking.
  • The vacuum is created in the chamber where you can smoke cheeses, sauces, creams, fish, meat, and more.
  • This unique cold smoker has a one-of-a-kind ability, using smoke and liquid to infuse products.
  • Plus reuse the infused liquid to create even more unique dishes.

Pair with the HotmixPro Gastro Thermal Mixer, using the cap attachment, to smoke your creations in the HotmixPro while preparing them!

HotmixPro Smoke: Cold Smoker Benefits

  • Unique - Ability to Combine Smoke & Liquid
  • Advanced - Option of Sous-Vide Smoking in the Chamber
  • Versatile - Connectible to the HotmixPro Gastro
  • Professional - Implement the Liquid Into Other Creations
  • Innovative - Infusion of Liquid & Smoke Creating Unique Flavors

HotmixPro Smoke: Cold Smoker Features

  • Entirely Made of Stainless Steel.
  • Power Supply: 110V / 60Hz
  •  L: 276mm x W: 163mm x H: 266mm

Using the cap attachment, pair your HotmixPro Smoke with the HotmixPro Gastro to smoke your creations in the while preparing them!