Advanced Display Solutions by CIAM

Our Story

As the sole USA importer of the Ciam brand of professional display cabinets, we can meet any display need with the most technologically advanced, and beautifully designed showcases on the market.  Produced in Perugia, Italy using cutting-edge technology, our displays can be customized to fit any space, style, or refrigeration need.

Our extensive line offers gelato and ice cream dipping cabinets, pastry and confectionary cases, and humidity controlled chocolate cases.  We offer hot, and cold deli merchandising, high end wine displays, open-air merchandisers, and grab-n-go cases.

Our solutions extend beyond showcases, and displays.  We offer modular counter systems, for both front and back of house.  These stainless-steel options are ergonomically designed by artisan cabinet makers, and mill workers, to create a seamless look and experience.  The manufacturing plant is ISO9001 certified and is a “Recognized Satellite Laboratory” facility by Intertek allowing UL and NSF markings for all equipment relating to the USA market. 

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