Advancing the Professional Kitchen

Advanced Kitchen Tools

Advanced Gourmet, from the beginning, has been dedicated to bringing the most advanced products into professional kitchens within the USA. As part of that commitment AG offers several specialty pieces of equipment including The HotmixPRO Gastro thermal mixer, the Cattabriga K20 counter batch freezer, and the Techfrost line of countertop blast freezers.

HotmixPRO Gastro

The HotmixPro is a revolutionary, multifunctional, commercial grade thermal mixer that simultaneously mixes at variable speeds within a temperature range of 25 and 190°C. The HotmixPRO works both as a mixer for blending liquids, and as a cutter that will chop solid ingredients. It is ideal for cooking pastry creams, tempering chocolate, cooking confectionery, kneading doughs, preparing soups and sauces, chopping, grating, pulverizing solid foods, as well as processing meats and any semi-liquids or liquids.


Cattabriga K20

The Cattabriga K20 is a chef favorite, and is the most popular commercial grade countertop batch freezer that is quite often chosen by bakeries, coffee shops, and fine restaurants. The K20 is not only popular, but efficient, and effective. It is designed with the same care, and produces the same quality product as our larger models. This fully automatic system can produce a batch of the finest gelato, ice creams, sorbets, and more in ten minutes or less.



The all-in-one blast freezer/chillers by Techfrost guarantee the quality of your food products, preserving moisture and extending shelf life. Whatever your space or service, the Techfrost provides the most adaptable product for your professional workshop – fitting on or under any counter. Models JOF-23 (110 Volt) and JOF-ONE (220 Volt) ensure high performance in a small space, achieving an internal temperature of -40 in just 18 minutes. Techfrost products are indispensable in all sectors of gastronomy, pastry, gelato-making and bread-making, where work time and food safety standards have an essential role.


Ott Freezer Masterchef

The Masterchef” by Ott Freezer is an all-in-one system with heating and freezing for the production of frozen desserts, pastry creams, custards & curds, pate choux, sauces, cake layers, mousses, jellies and poached fruits, confections, and chocolate recipes. This unique programable dessert machine is also ideal for preparing savory applications like soups and sauces. Over 40 customizable programs and precise temperature control, help to provide consistency and reliable quality in daily production. The Masterchef is available in two models with either 12 Liter or 20 Liter capacity. The powerful system heats and mixes ice cream bases, and freezes it to very fine crystals with a perfect mouth feel in 10-20 min.